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A dedicated brand of professionals specialized in fans and ventilation equipment.







The Communion between the Pursuit of a Comfortable Living Space and a Sustainable Environment


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Our Story

IMASU – The Global Ventilation Specialist, has been established more than two decades. We have always been persisting in our philosophy – “IMASU”: Innovation, Masterpiece, Aesthetics, Satisfaction and (Dedicated to) yoU. We have been dedicated to R&D of advanced and effective ventilating solutions, and hence to improve the indoor air quality. After years of hard work, IMASU products have gained the trust and support around the world.

As a fully integrated manufacturer, we produce and supply wide range of ventilation products and fans, which covers Residential, Commercial and Industrial Heavy-Duty Applications. IMASU products are manufactured by our fully equipped and well-established manufacturing base accredited by ISO9001. We have an intelligent and complete quality control system to ensure every IMASU product is aligned with our commitment to high quality, innovation and excellence in Indoor air quality, products design and manufacturing.

Our global sales office was set up in the dynamic city – Hong Kong. The internationality and trading-favored regulations enable us to connect to each sales network all over the world smoothly. We are supported by our expert sales team, who fully understand customer’s needs and requirements. They excel in providing the best service to our customers from pre-sales to after-sales. Thanks to their professional sales manner, we have won and retained significant number of lifelong customers.